What's this all about?

Having had a philosophical interest in Artificial Intelligence for years I am finally starting to learn about it properly, as in - how it actually works. As far as I recall, my interest in AI began when I took a course on Social and Political Perspectives on Information Technology as part of a Masters in Business Studies in Dublin back in 2001. That’s when I first heard of Hubert Dreyfus’ book What Computers Still Can’t Do, whose title intrigued me no end. Also around then I read Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach for the first time. I’ve read it another couple of times since - it is quite possibly my favourite book ever :)

Anyway, I recently had reason, as part of my job at Acquia, to start getting a good understanding of statistical inference. This led me to more topics in data science, including machine learning. So although over the years I’ve had all kinds of hand-wavy conversations and philosophical arguments with people about AI, now for the first time ever on this topic I’m actually starting to know what I’m talking about. And that is exciting.

So exciting in fact, that I think I might actually manage to write about it on some kind of a regular basis. Hence this blog.

For those interested, this blog was built using Hugo, which I must say is a joy to use.